Lorna Renwick

September 9, 2021

Lorna is a public health professional with a specialty in health improvement and inequalities, with experience of working at international, national, and local levels.  Her current role focuses on collaboration and leadership to influence the Scottish health and social care system, in how it addresses health inequalities and improves health outcomes for all.  Lorna is both an experienced leader and programme manager, and is a strong advocate for promoting equity in policy and practice.   Lorna advises and supports Scottish Government policy colleagues, and leads a small team who’s portfolio of work includes: the scoping of inequalities in national frameworks for inspection and procurement, coordination of the national NHS Scotland Improvement Plan for British Sign Language, leadership and delivery of the national Health Promoting Health Service programme – aiming to align interventions for health improvement and equity within acute and community hospital settings, and the testing of health and social care equity indicators in Scotland.

Lorna has worked in the sphere of health improvement and public health since 1995, across the NHS, voluntary and international sectors.  She has experience across a broad range of settings and specialties, including public health research and community health needs assessment, addictions, sexual health, maternal and infant health, screening and immunisation, tobacco and inequalities.   Her professional interests include quality improvement, inequalities sensitive strategy and practice and improving outcomes for vulnerable groups within mainstream services.

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