Pia Sundell

June 1, 2022

Pia Sundell is an expert regarding children’s rights and child welfare, having worked in child welfare for the last twenty years. She is the Executive Director for the Finnish Children’s Welfare Association, having held the position since 2008.

Joining the Executive Board, Pia states that investments in wellbeing and health are long-term joint decisions. In addition, NGO’s must have a strong role in implementing them. As a member of the board for SOSTE Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health, Pia promotes the goal to increase the impact of social and healthcare organisations in society in order to achieve a situation where the implementation of the preconditions for a good life are realised for all.

Pia looks forward to working with a European network to promote questions regarding social affairs and health. As an active member of a Nordic network that works to promote child welfare and children’s right, Pia feels a network such as EuroHealthNet provides the platform to both contribute and learn from.

She is motivated to create international impact as a member of the Executive Board and is a strong believer in networking to promote change for better social welfare and health equity in Europe.

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