Prof. Plamen Dimitrov

September 9, 2021

Professor Plamen Dimitrov is the Director of the Bulgarian National Center of Public Health and Analyses, and Head of the Department of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention at the Center. Dr. Dimitrov graduated in Medicine in 1988. He has MS degree in Epidemiology (2001), a PhD degree in Social Medicine and Health Management (2004), and a Master of Public Health (2011). His professional interests are in the field of public health, chronic non-communicable diseases, health promotion and disease prevention, social determinants of health, epidemiology and biostatistics. He has been a chair and member of working groups engaged with the development of the Bulgarian national programs, strategies and reports related to health, e.g.  chair of working group of the MoH for preparation of the National Program on non-communicable diseases prevention (currently National coordinator of the Program); chair and member of working group of the MoH for preparation of the Report on the health of the citizens and implementation of the National Health Strategy. He has been a consultant to WHO on NCDs, and currently is the WHO national focal point for Noncommunicable diseases, and for Equity, social determinants, gender equality and human rights. He is also the in-country project director for projects within the Public Health Program of the EU. He is an International Affiliated Faculty at the Institute for Global Health, Michigan State University, USA, and a Professor at the South-West University, Bulgaria.

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