National Institute of Health Doutor Ricardo Jorge

Contact Information

+35 121 75 26 469

Av. Padre Cruz

1649-016 Lisbon - Portugal

The National Health Institute Doutor Ricardo Jorge (INSA) is a public organization of the Ministry of Health, endowed with scientific, technical, administrative, financial and property of its own. Founded in 1899 by Ricardo Jorge (Porto, 1858 - Lisbon, 1939), as laboratory of the Portuguese Health System, INSA develops a triple role as State Laboratory in the Health Sector, National Reference Laboratory and National Health Observatory.

INSA has operating units at its headquarters in Lisbon, two centers in Porto (Centre for Public Health Dr. Gonçalves Ferreira and Medical Center of Genetics Jacinto Magalhães) and Águas de Moura (Centre for Vectors and Infectious Diseases Dr. Francisco Cambournac).