Collaborations and Alliances

EuroHealthNet has formed partnerships, collaborations and alliances with a variety of organisations in the field of public health and social affairs to amplify our call for better health, equity and wellbeing. For instance, as a accredited non-state actor at WHO Europe, EuroHealthNet is allowed to participate as observers in Regional Committee sessions and to submit written and oral statements. 

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020) – in addition to the private investment that this money will attract. It promises more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market.

The eHealth Stakeholder Group is an informal Commission expert group contributing to the development and implementation of eHealth policy at the EU level.

The Structured Dialogue is a mutual trust building mechanism in order to bring the ESI Funds closer to civil society, assist the Commission in the development of this policy in the different areas of expertise and to discuss the implementation of the ESI Funds.

EU Health Policy Platform logo

EuroHealthNet is an active actor in the Health Policy Platform, which is made up of health-related interest groups. The platform's purpose is to provide a framework and a forum for transparent dialogue and active collaboration with the European Commission and between the stakeholders on relevant public health issues and expertise.

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EuroHealthNet has been a long-standing member of the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity, and Health. This is a forum for European-level organisations, including

  • Food business operators (manufacturers, retailers, caterers, fast food restaurants);
  • Consumer organisations;
  • Public health NGOs;
  • Scientific and professional associations.
WHO logo

EuroHealthNet is an accredited non-state actor at WHO Europe, meaning that it is part of the WHO Coallition of Partners and is allowed to participate as observers in Regional Committee sessions and to submit written and oral statements. EuroHealthNet also takes part in the EuropeanHealth Information initiative (EHII) and WHO Observatory on Health Systems and Policies initiative on Civil Society and Health, and closely cooperates with the WHO representation to the EU in Brussels.

Moreover, the EuroHealthNet office in Brussels has been involved in various activities co-organised with WHO offices in Copenhagen (on European Healthy Cities Network, NCDs, Migrants Health Network, and gender health), Bonn (on environment, circular economy and climate change), and Venice (on health equity and determinants of health).

CHAIN logo

CHAIN is the Centre for Global Health Inequalities Research, which brings together researchers from all global regions and different research disciplines to advance the current state-of-the-art. It does this by offering new insights from social, laboratory-based and natural experiments into the causal mechanisms linking socioeconomic status and health. It brings together academia, the UN system, civil society and the private sector in a common organisational body to reduce the distance between research, policy and practice.

EuroHealthNet is a partner in CHAIN's Global Health Inequalities project (2019-2025), which aspires to make CHAIN a world-leading centre and research network for the international study of global health inequalities. 

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Coalition for Vaccination Logo

Coalition for Vaccination brings together European associations of healthcare professionals and relevant student associations in the field. It was convened by the European Commission in 2019. The Coalition aims to support delivering accurate information to the public, combating myths around vaccines and vaccination, and exchanging best practices on vaccination. 

In 2020, the Coalition has been running an advocacy campaign to promote the uptake of vaccines among health professionals and their patients. The campaign was launched across Europe simultaneously with the European Immunization Week of the WHO Europe and re-launched simultaneously with the WHO Flu Awareness Week.

The campaign aims to remind that immunisation through vaccination is the best protection there is against serious, even deadly, preventable diseases. Healthcare professionals’ role is to reassure people that vaccines are safe and effective.

WEAll is a collaboration of organisations, alliances, movements and individuals working towards a wellbeing economy, delivering human and ecological wellbeing.

It is vital that collaboration and togetherness define our destination and also how we get there. The transformation required calls for an entirely different way of being within human society: a shift from “us vs. them” to “WE All”

A crucial role for WEAll is providing the connective tissue between the different elements of the movement for a wellbeing economy.

WEAll is driving forward and coordinating ambitious work to:

• Shift popular narratives around the purpose of the economy
• Synthesize and disseminate knowledge and evidence about what a wellbeing economy looks like and how we get there
• Galvanize a non-elite power base through place-based hubs and a global network of individuals and organizations.

Everything WEAll does, we do together with our members. WEAll was born out of a number of local and global movements, whose pioneering work formed the foundations of our theory of change.

Now, with over 100 organisational members and over 50 renowned academics in our network, WEAll is the leading collaborative movement for economic system change.

WEAll amplifies members’ voices making their vision and mission global.

WEAll supports members to work together in recognition that through collaboration our impact greater than the sum of our parts.

WEAll provides the opportunity to collaborate with others from different parts of society and the economy towards our shared vision of a wellbeing economy.

EuroHealthNet holds a seat in the advisory board of the a4i project, which is led by EASPD. The a4i projects aspires to bridge the investment gap in social infrastructure for health, social care and support, education and affordable housing. It aims to fulfill the need for a new breed of decision makers who are able to secure financing from both public and private sources by developing an educational programme for academic and adult training settings for investors and social care providers. 

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The EU Alliance for Investing in Children logo

The European Alliance for Investing in Children promotes effective, child-centred policies and practice to tackle child poverty and promote child wellbeing. As part of the Alliance, EuroHealthNet plays an active role in continuing efforts to identify and spread the best policy entry points for effective, sustainable and timely implementation of the provisions outlined in the EC’s Recommendation on Investing in Children.

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EUHMA logo

EuroHealthNet is plays an active part in the European Alliance for Mental Health - Employment & Work. This is an informal coalition of organisations working together to promote good mental health in the workplace, to advocate for equal access to employment for people experiencing mental ill-health, and to stimulate appropriate policy actions at EU level.

Some of the highlights of the Alliance so far include an analysis of the European Semester’s Country Specific Recommendations in relation to mental health in an (un)employment context, a joint statement for the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, and production of a podcast on the impact of the ‘gig economy’ and the future of work on mental health of young people.

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EPHC logo

Held once a year, the European Public Health Conference is the largest public health event in Europe. EuroHealthNet cooperates with EUPHA, a co-organiser of the event, and organises a plenary session each year. 

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The EIP-AHA is a communication and information hub for all actors involved in Active and Healthy Ageing through Europe. It is the place to encourage partner engagement, promote news and events, meet and exchange ideas with peers, and look for potential partners on innovative projects. 

EuroHealthNet is an active member of the platform, working in work group d4 on age friendly environments.

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Logo Steering Board for Social Infrastructure Investment

EuroHealthNet is a member of the the Steering Board for Social Infrastructure Investment. This is a collaboration of 7 European organisations who  joined forces to help unlock investment into local innovative social infrastructure projects which would help to further improve the quality of service provision across the continent. Moreover, by delivering services based on the needs of the people they serve, Public Authorities will both increase public satisfaction and reduce costs.

EuroHealthNet supports the EU Steering Group on Health Promotion, Disease Prevention and Management of Non-Communicable Diseases. This group was created by the European Commission to support countries in reaching the health targets of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Steering Group provides advice and expertise to the Commission on developing and implementing activities in the field of health promotion, disease prevention and the management of non-communicable diseases. It also fosters exchanges of relevant experience, policies and practices between the Member States.

APHEA logo

APHEA, started by a consortium of prominent European organisations in Public Health, is the first European agency of its kind to accredit the Master of Public Health degree and its equivalent, seeking to promote high quality standards for public health education at the graduate level. The consortium includes the European Association of Schools of Public Health in Europe (ASPHER), the European Public Health Association (EUPHA), the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and the European Health Management Association (EHMA).

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EU-OSHA is the European Union information agency for occupational safety and health. Its work contributes to the European Commission’s Strategic Framework for Safety and Health at work 2014-2020  and other relevant EU strategies and programmes, such as Europe 2020. EuroHealthNet participates in EU-OSHA's annual Healthy Workplaces Campaigns, which' message is — Safety and health at work is everyone's concern. It's good for you. It's good for business.

EuroHealthNet and European Forum for Primary Care (EFPC) started a practical mutual partnership in 2014.  As partners, EuroHealthNet and the European Forum for Primary Care inform each other about their position developments and policy statements.

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SFP is a partnership between Cancer Research UK, the European Heart Network and Action on Smoking and Health (UK). EuroHealthNet aims to promote tobacco control advocacy and policy research at EU and national levels in collaboration with other EU health organisations and EU tobacco control networks.

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The SEEHN is a political and institutional forum set up by the governments of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, the Republic of Moldova, Romania, Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to promote peace, reconciliation and health in the region. The Network provided leadership and helped sustain project ownership by the countries in the region. EuroHealthNet and SEEHN have a Memorandum of Understanding and cooperate to improve public health in Sourth-Eastern Europe.

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The International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) is a unique worldwide, independent and professional association of individuals and organisations committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the people through education, community action and the development of healthy public policy. The mission of the IUHPE is to promote global health and to contribute to the achievement of equity in health between and within countries of the world.

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