Member support activities

EuroHealthNet membership supports public health bodies to build capacity and knowledge, and build on good practices. Together, the partners and team strengthen the evidence base for policy and implementation across the EU. EuroHealthNet unifies and integrates innovative health promotion knowledge, policy, and practice. It advocates for health equity in the EU policy environment, and helps national and regional organisations engage in the EU processes.

Members are part of all three policy, practice, and research platforms. In addition they:

  • Receive the ‘Calls & Opportunities Alerts’ newsletter - a frequent and rapid service which includes all relevant funding , policy consultation and development opportunities.
  • Stay informed about the latest European and international developments through our monthly Health Highlights newsletter and online services.
  • Join Thematic Working Groups (TWIGs) on NCDs, Healthy Ageing, Health Systems, and Mental Health, exchanging ideas with fellow experts in other countries.
  • Set the strategic directions of the EuroHealthNet Partnership, vote at General Council Meetings, and be nominated for Executive Board participation.
  • Participate in placements or secondments at EuroHealthNet, allowing staff to develop and specialise.
  • Use free meeting room facilities at the heart of the EU quarter in Brussels.
  • Promote work, institutions, and achievements in EuroHealthNet newsletters, websites, online magazine, social media, and press channels
  • Participate in a network of European communication specialists, connecting with communication departments from other countries to share strategies and exchange best practices.

Linking evidence, policy, and practice

EuroHealthNet has developed and manages two repositories of knowledge, evidence, and good practices on healthy ageing and health inequalities.

The European Portal for Action on Health Inequalities ( includes information about key initiatives, policies, and resources on Health Inequalities across Europe. It includes databases of publications, projects, and polices related to reducing health inequalities, as well as information on European funding for Health Inequality projects.

The Healthy Ageing website ( contains information and resources such as good practice examples, guides to healthy ageing, EU initiatives, publications, news, and events related to healthy ageing in Europe.