Our Work: Research

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the European Union’s largest research and innovation fund. Members and associate members of the research platform benefit from:

  • Support with proposal submission and project management.
  • Building research consortiums and finding project partners through the EuroHealthNet partnership.

Research project support

EuroHealthNet constantly monitors the European public health related and health in all policies research landscape. This helps members to:

  • Stay informed about European research priorities.
  • Keep up to date on EU research funding opportunities and calls.

Evidence gathering and sharing

The platform’s linked to the wide European research and public affairs fields mean that researchers benefit from:

  • Expertise and support in communicating research to specialist and wider audiences
  • Transferring knowledge for policy makers and implementation via our multiple communication, dissemination, and consultation channels.
  • Advocacy for better health promotion and health inequality research.