Thematic Working Groups (TWIGS)

In 2015, Thematic Working Groups (TWIGs) were launched for member and partner organisations of EuroHealthNet. The purpose of the Thematic Working Groups is to liaise with expert colleagues in your organizations, to exchange evidence and experiences, to highlight your good practices at EU level, to analyse specific European developments in more detail and to work together on common positions and activities. The four current TWIGs are as follows:

Chronic Diseases (NCDs) – to take forward our commitment of the EU Platform on Diet and Physical Activity, to respond to WHO initiatives on nutrition, physical activity and alcohol, to exchange approaches and follow up on the CHRODIS Joint Action.

This TWIG also works on tobaccoo. This incudes implementation of the WHO road map, the FCTC Framework Convention and the EU Tobacco Products Directive, activities relating to the Smoke Free Partnership Coalition ( of which EuroHealthNet is a partner.

A complete description of the NCD TWIG is available here.

Mental Health – to contribute to the Healthy Workplaces without stress OSHA campaign, to monitor the EU Mental Health Compass,  and to organise a EuroHealthNet Mental Health in the Workplace seminar.

A complete description of the Mental Health TWIG is available here.

Health Systems – to develop work on health promotion, social determinants and equity as part of Health Systems Performance Assessment (HSPA),  to further identify examples of integrated health and social services & equity of access issues.

A complete description of the Health Systems TWIG is available here.

Healthy Ageing – to respond to the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA), to build on the learning from IROHLA, support AFE INNOVNET and WHO on age-friendly environments and to make links to the Health and Long term care agenda. The group can use as their main communication channel.

A complete description of the Healthy Ageing TWIG is available here.

To register for one or more TWIGs, please follow this link.