What our members say

“EuroHealthNet helps us to take our issues to a European level. EuroHealthNet is our window to Europe … When we have issues and we want to promote them to the European level we go through EuroHealthNet, we are advised on the best channels and the best way to highlight our issues … they will be there not only to show us the way, but show us how best to do it and at times do it as well.”

 - Member

"I have brought back several best practice ideas from Italy partners as well as from the UK. In [our] city council welfare department we have implemented several of them, applying for funding from the municipality, as well as from International funding options."

- Comment from a participant following a study visit organised by EuroHealthNet

"It makes me and my co-workers update on public health on EU level, and in other European countries - both on policy and strategy development and on measures to improve public health and wellbeing and to reduce social inequalities in health."

-Comment from a reader of the Health Highlights newsletter

"I think this study tour has had a very big impact on my work and my attitude to healthy ageing, both on a professional as well as on a personal level, because I realised that there are so many possibilities and options to be involved in such activities for healthy ageing, and also research has a big importance on this topic. We have been planning several activities in the future on healthy ageing in our organisation."

- Comment from a participant following a study visit organised by EuroHealthNet

"They have a very highly thought of reputation. To have them as a partner within a project is a very attractive offer. That is because they have a successful track record, they also have known times of failing and they know how to learn from that and that is very important. They have such a wide reach. So anything that they learn, take, input, provide to a project they have the opportunity to disseminate that at their yearly Council."

- Comment from a stakeholder