EuroHealthNet organises a study visit in Hungary: Presentation of the new Health Promotion Offices

16 November 2015 to 18 November 2015

Health Promoting Offices (HPOs) are a novel element of the Hungarian primary health care system and provide a direct and effective link between health development activities and curative medicine. In 2013 and 2014, 61 HPOs started their work throughout the country from a dedicated grant scheme financed from the European Social Fund – 20 of them being in the most disadvantaged micro-regions of Hungary. This is the first time in Hungary that health promotion and disease prevention organisations working in local communities at the level of micro-regions have been established.

The main idea behind the establishment of the HPOs was to bring low-threshold health promotion, lifestyle and health behaviour change programs as close to people as possible.

The main aim of HPOs is to improve individuals’ health thorough disease prevention and promotion of healthy lifestyles and to avoid early and preventable mortality by targeting chronic and non-communicable diseases such as cardio-vascular diseases and malignancies.

The report of the study visit is available here.